Coral shirt dress



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Hello Everybody!!

So happy to be writing today!! I have been loving casual dresses, they are so comfy and perfect for Summer! I love the length and ease of this shirt dress! It is from Vintage Fringe  I am actually doing a $100 gift card giveaway on my INSTAGRAM right now, so be sure to check that out if you would like. These casual dresses are so trendy right now and I am all about that!! These ballerina flats are also super trendy I can give you 10% OFF BY USING CODE “JENESSA”  just visit KJ COUTURE and the code is good site wide! I am obsessed with these flats they are so comfy, at least 5 strangers stopped me talk about them SWEAR! haha so cute! I love that they are suede too, they also come in black which I might have to get because they add such a feminine touch to any outfit. I love that I can throw them on with a boring casual outfit and it instantly adds some spice!! Hope you all had a splendid Memorial weekend! Love you all, talk soon!!


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Ice Castles in Midway Utah


I had so many kids run up to me to give me hugs and take me pics they thought I lived here and was a queen LOL so cute!!

_MG_3182[1]_MG_3133[1]_MG_3108[1]_MG_3085[1]_MG_2780[1]_MG_3199[1]_MG_3162[1]_MG_3088[1]_MG_3017[1]_MG_2804[1]_MG_3193[1]_MG_3158[1]_MG_3075[1]_MG_3183[1]_MG_2708[1]_MG_3066[1]Dress: Natalie Wynn Design  || Lipstick || Eye-Shadow ||

Good Morning Everyone!! Today’s post is a little special.  This week is my Birthday!! If you have followed me for a while then you know just a regular birthday photoshoot would not do.  I have to take all my shoots to the extreme! Haha and whats more extreme than dressing in a gown fit for a queen parading around a giant castle made purely out of ice with balloons??? LOL I loved this shoot it was so fun, I loved being able to get creative and I am so happy I had a PHOTOGRAPHER that was on my same page and could capture such beautiful shots!  I am really excited for my birthday.  Jordan has something secret planned so Ill let you know what we do!!  Thanks for all the love and celebrating with me!  Below are a few gowns fit for Valentine’s Day Enjoy!!


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