Black Motto Jacket

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Good Morning everyone!!

I have had the craziest schedule lately, but it has been so much fun!  I am the Young Women’s President of the youth in my ward at church and we have started basketball!  Typically, the girls just play whatever not a big deal. But I am super competitive (in the most ladylike way of course) and I am all about preparing yourself to be the best.  So I have been holding basketball practice and attending their games as a “coach”  I dont know very much about basketball but thanks to YouTube I have been able to come up with some drills and game time plays haha it has been SO MUCH FUN!! and you guys we have won 2 out of our 3 games!! Wahoo! this is a huge success for my girls because every year these young women have not been able to make it pass the first round of games, so they are beyond excited about making it to round three!! I smell a championship…. haha maybe we will see!! Keep your fingers crossed for me! Something I have learned from this experience is if you take the time to support someone in something they like, they will do a lot to make sure they make you proud. Now I am not a parent but when I am, this experience is something I will look back on. It really taught me how important it is to be involved in everything my little guy does (or girl) These Young women aren’t winning these games because I am some spectacular coach, heaven help them I am pretty terrible!! LOL But they are finally winning games because someone is standing on their sidelines for the first time cheering them on and showing them support. Showing support is huge!! This is a life lesson I will implement in all of my relationships, do any of you have a story like this you can relate too?

Onto the outfit, its no secret that black is my go too! If its black I probably own it! One of my favorite things to do with a black out outfit is to include a detailed piece, like this JACKET Doesn’t it make the whole look just stand out!! I love this piece, I love anything that is feminine and a little BA so when I saw this JACKET I literally screamed than immediately put it in my shopping cart haha plus it is under $15!!! can you believe it!! I got it from SAMMY DRESS another online whole sale clothing store.  I am loving these whole sale gems!! Love you all and thanks for reading!


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Rustic Dress Utah Fashion Insider

IMG_8135IMG_8027IMG_8069IMG_8039IMG_8109IMG_8066IMG_7991IMG_8116IMG_8043IMG_8064IMG_7954IMG_8098Dress|| Jacket || Purse||

Good morning everyone!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.  Its been a little longer weekend for me, I took a vacation over the weekend that is why there was no post on Monday.  You will see pics from my vacation shortly so I wont spoil anything in this post, but it was QUITE the adventure that Jordan are looking forward to again next year.

If you are new to my blog than you probably aren’t aware of my love for customized dresses.  I am fortunate to be involved in Utah’s biggest Fashion industry. “Utah Fashion Week” This event gathers Fashion designers from all over Utah to showcase their pieces.  I love meeting with the designers and having them either make me something to post on my blog or just using something they have already made that I have fallen in love with.  One designer I met is Janay Marie,  I love her wedding gowns, my goodness be sure to check those out as well as this gown and many others!  I saw this dress on her Instagram and instantly fell in love with it and envisioned it in an art gallery .  So I asked her if I could borrow it for this shoot, didnt it turn out lovely!?!  I love the bohemian flare that comes through in this dress.

You can catch more of Utah’s designers in Utah Fashion Insider, In this months magazine I actually wrote an article and had a little spread in it, I hope you check it out!

Love you guys!


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