9 Tips For Gorgeous Winter Skin

I don’t know about you guys but in the Winter my skin gets so itchy, tight and dry I am certain its going to crack right off!

Through the years I have tried several things to maintain my Summer glow year round. I have found 9 tried and true things that make the biggest difference during the Winter dry months.


SUNSCREEN: You need to wear sunscreen on your face everyday! UV rays still come out even when the sun doesn’t. Sunscreen is the only factor that truly protects against aging. My top 3 favorite suncreens are below.



Ojas Sun Essential is the more natural of the three without toxins. Reduces wrinkles & builds up collagen.



Korres Yoghurt is water resistant & paraben free. It offers protection against UVA & UVB rays.



Neutrogena Age Shield is an Anti-oxidant face lotion with SPF 70 and anti aging serum. It is PABA free.



HUMIDIFIER: KKKKK this thing is sooo bomb! Not only is it a life savor for babies when they are sick (it’s the only way I could get Liv to sleep through the night when she had her cold) but it creates so much moister! It will hydrate your skin and hair while you are sleeping! Plus this cute one (below) is a diffuser as well so you can add essential oils to it! I love that this one isn’t an eye sore. It is super chic and looks super cute next to your bed.



EXFOLIATE: I feel like in the Winter I slough off more dead skin because it is so dry. Don’t you? If I don’t exfoliate it just builds up and makes my face look dull. Same goes for my hands, elbows and knees. When I exfoliate my face just brighten ups and my body is super smooth!



The Dermalogica face brush is the perfect item to throw into your routine. It is gentle on your face but tough on unwanted texture.



The Karuna brand is my favorite sheet mask company! This mask cleans deep pores and sloughs off dead skin cells.



This Garnier face scrub is really well priced. I love the ingredients. If you want a bright, illuminating complexion you should exfoliate your face 2-3 times a week.



MOISTURIZE: I think this is pretty obvious but sometimes we forget! If I could soak in tub of lotion before bed I would be so happy. Oh wait.. I basically do haha. I lather up from head to toe in my holy grail lotion that I have been using since high school! Cetaphil! Cetaphil cream is by far the best lotion on this planet! It is such a rich, deep, hydrating lotion without all the oils and nasties! I use this on my face and don’t break out. It is so thick and feels so good on my face and body. I can feel my skin just drinking up all the moister this lotion gives me.



STAY HYDRATED: It is so much easier for me to stay hydrated in the warmer months but when it’s cold the last thing I want to do is drink water. I force myself because it is soooo important! I can see a glowing difference in my skin when I drink water, my metabolism is faster & I feel refreshed and energized. First thing I do when I wake up is fill my water bottle and drink it. I drink way more water if I constantly carry my water bottle with me. Even if I am just going upstairs, I always make sure it is within hands reach. I prefer ones with straws, I think I drink more because it is just sticking out at me haha.



LIPS: My lips are the most sensitive thing on me. If they are dry or the weather changes or I try a new chapstick I break out in cold sores. It is sooo annoying. Since I have started lip scrubs and using vaseline to moisturize my lips I haven’t had that problem.



NO TANNING BEDS: I know this hard for some people because I get it, you want to be tan year round. There are other ways. Nothing ages you faster than a nasty tanning bed. Stick to Jergens natural glow. I use this every morning! They have a face lotion too that I used to use but I exfoliate my face so often that it is pointless to use now, so I just bump my foundation up a shade to match my body. This is my favorite affordable self tanner, it doesn’t stink and it is streak free. I do my whole body then wash my hands, I then apply the product to a makeup brush and apply it to the top of my hands. This way my body is all one skin tone and I don’t have mickey mouse hands. Haha!



AIR DRY HAIR: I know it is time consuming but if you can plan a day to wash your hair where you have time to let it air dry you will see amazing results! The Winter air is so damaging on your hair that when you add a hot blow dryer on top of it, it’s so fried!


LESS HOT WATER: This is the hardest one for me because I love to soak in hot water, especially when it is cold! Showers, baths, hot tubs you name it I am in it! But it drys you out so quickly!! So keep that in mind and try to minimize the hot pots!

What are your Winter beauty tips?


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2018 Goal Setting!

2018 is here and I am ready to crush it!! Who is with me!?!

I am a huge believer in goal setting, I do it all year round. There is something refreshing about goal setting for a new year though. It’s like I can completely start over, nothing is holding me back, no crazy dead line causing me to stress forward. I can simply sit, breath and think about what I really want and who I want to be. 2017 was pretty rough not going to lie. If it wasn’t for Liv’s birth I’d say 2017 sucked ha But I am working on being positive and being grateful. So I want to start off by pointing out 3 highlights from 2017 and then move on.

The first is obviously the birth of my baby girl! Seriously, what a joy and HUGE blessing she is to Jordan and I.

Second, quitting my corporate job and becoming a full time mom and blogger! HALLELUJAH!!!

Three, traveling to Europe! Jordan took me on the most amazing vacation. I now have a thirst for adventure!

I vow to only remember these things from 2017 and not get stuck on my failures.

I tend to be really hard on myself and if I don’t meet my expectations

I go in a downward spiral of negativity

so this is me ending

that cycle.

Drumrolllll everyone!!! Now presenting 2018 goals!


I want to be a person who lights up people’s day. Every person I come in contact with, whether it’s the bank teller, friend or family member. I want them to feel loved. I want to be a blessing in someones life every single day. Each day I will pray to see others and love them the way our Heavenly Father does. I will pray everyday for an opportunity to be a blessing to someone and be in tune to act on it. It can be as simple as smiling at someone, talking to a stranger in a grocery aisle or instead of asking Jordan to fix the plugged up tub (who has so many things on his plate right now) go buy some draino myself and get it done. (Self reliance, another goal I want to set). I can’t be a light if I am judging others, negative, or too stubborn to forgive. So this is my biggest goal. Being a light is my trigger word to just becoming a good, positive, selfless, service oriented individual who showers others with love.


Right now I am the activity leader for nursery at my church. It is very simple. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have to do my best. They may be too young to realize what is going on but I want to be someone who puts forth 110% effort in everything I do. I can easily just show up and play ring around the rosies. But why not take an hour and come up with something super creative and teach them something about Jesus? It will only help me grow and teach me how to be a better mom for Olivia. By maximizing my calling I am helping the other mothers in my church and teaching myself how to get creative and make fun activities for Olivia when she is older.


When Jordan and I were dating and first married we were each others passion… no hobby haha okay we were obsessed with each other and did everything together. Not to say that isn’t the case now. But as we grew up and got involved in our careers and found different interests, we happened to separate a little.  Not in a bad way just in a, I like to blog while you watch basketball. Instead of, lets go on a walk together. Now, it is totally okay to separate and independently focus on our own interests. I just want to be a little more balanced and make sure I am not spending too much time doing what I like to do and take an interest in what Jordan likes to do too. I also want to find a new interest that we both can bond over. Like, tennis or something.


You guys I am soooo bad at this! This isn’t an excuse this is just who I am but I have REALLY bad ADD and ADHD I have so much energy and so much passion that I want to do everything all at once. Which means I don’t get anything done haha. So I have written out my days hour by hour so I stay on task and can actually finish something, as well as keep a consistent structured schedule. I blog, Instagram, YouTube, serve in my church, am a full time mom, house wife, exercise, socialize, go on dates and hang out with family. How in the world I have survived without a schedule is a miracle. But I believe not having a schedule is the main reason for my 2017 failures. So this year I will not make that mistake. I have learned my lesson and even though it is completely against my nature to have structure (I am probably the most spontaneous person you will ever meet) I vow to stick to my schedule!


I think my biggest flaw is how aggressive I am. My kindness is overshadowed by my aggressive nature. Being aggressive has its pros, I definitely get what I want because my aggressive nature makes me fight and work until I achieve what I want. So that aspect of aggressiveness is good but with all things I need to balance it out. I want to replace my aggressive behavior with being decisive. By being decisive I feel like I have more control over myself. When I am aggressive, it’s like a fight till the death type of attitude and nobody likes that. Being decisive is strong whereas being aggressive is overpowering, I don’t want to be a ME person. I want to stand tall but allow others to stand tall too. Being aggressive makes me act before thinking, being decisive will give me the time to think about the situation and take the gentler approach. Being gentle is a trigger word for me to take the sass level WAY down, speak softer (more ladylike), enjoy sports/games not compete to win, think about the situation not react to the situation.


Well now that I have aired all of my dirty laundry haha I’m kidding.

I wanted to focus on 5 main goals. I of course have small daily goals but I wanted to emphasize the main 5. I feel like those 5 things will me be a better person, wife, mother, friend, and member of society. Those 5 things make me feel proud of who I am and will help me achieve my career goals. I am interested to know what your big and daily goals are! Lets help support each other! I can’t wait to hear from you!


(I Love these behind the scenes pics, Olivia ambushed the photo shoot)

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