Olivia is Eight Months Old


Wow how time flies!

My little liv, my light, my life how was I happy before you! You have opened a huge section of my heart that I didn’t even know existed. I am certain you have the gift of joy. Anytime you smile at someone you feel their soul with this warm energy. I am not the only one that feels it, I have people tell me all the time the joy and love you flood them with when you look at them and smile. You may only be eight months old but you are an incredible listener. I’ll tell you to do something and it won’t take you long to do it. I appreciate the love you show me all day long. I appreciate how you have taught me to be selfless, understanding, aware, patient, loving, considerate and much more. You have grown so much in so little time, I am so proud of the little girl you are and who you are becoming. Your little personality is starting to shine through. You are such a happy girl, always smiling and making others smile too.

You have a thirst for adventure, you want to see and do everything, you always want to be on the go.

Food is probably your biggest curiosity. You want to taste and drink everything and it is rare if you don’t like it!

You love to feel tall, anytime I stand you up you look so proud, you get the biggest smile on your face when I lift you high above my head.

I love how much you love yourself, you could sit and look at yourself in the mirror all day long, don’t ever forget how much you love yourself.

I think you might be a singer, you love to hear your voice and I do too.

Bath-time is one of your favorite things to do, besides go on walks. You could splash and play in there all day! I love taking baths with you too. You are so snuggely, it’s so sweet!


Baby girl, there is so much to say about you. It doesn’t feel right summing you up in 8 photos and just a few blurbs about your personality, I want to write an entire series about how wonderful you are! Your daddy and I love you so much and we seriously feel like we have the most perfect little family ever and that is all because of you! You are such a joy!! You are the best part of our day, you are who I look forward to waking up to and who daddy looks forward to coming home to. You are so very loved, we cherish every waking AND sleeping moment with you. Here is to many more memories with you my darling!


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Easy Hair Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am bringing you another video from my YouTube Channel. A Hair Tutorial! It’s super easy and adds a little something something extra! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I’d love to have you apart of the family. Let me know in the comments if you have any video requests. On a side note, I want to start weening Olivia off of the breast but not give her a bottle. I feel like, whats the point of weening her off of my breast just to ween her off of a bottle a couple months later. So I want to go straight to sippy cup. Any suggestions on what sippy cups are good? I am still going to give her breast milk in the sippy. She is just getting so curious and playful that it is hard for her to sit and nurse through all her feedings. I feel like she is ready for the next thing. Any suggestions would be SUPER helpful. Thank you!!


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