SHABBY CHIC: Thigh High Boots & Kimonos


Happy Sunday everyone!

I loved styling this outfit.  The one good thing that Winter has to offer is it allows us to get creative with our clothing layers.  I have always liked the the Jean shorts on top of leggings look and the thigh highs/ Kimono turn the outfit from shabby to shabby chic!  The black leggings pair with black thigh high boots really extend your legs, it gives your stems some awesome length.  Another piece I adore about this outfit is the gold Cleopatra choker necklace my sweet hubby got me for Christmas.  It is so classy and adds a feminine touch to any shabby or masculine outfit.   Well tat-ah for now!


photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1



JEAN SHORTS: Forever21




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A step by step hair tutorial on how I bleach and tone my Hair Ash Blonde


Hello All!

Many have asked how I get my hair so blonde, so I thought I would provide a step by step tutorial for you to follow.  So if you are dying to get some Gwen Stefani Blonde locks than dye your hair with me!  I have dirty blonde hair naturally so I have a little bit of blonde like most girls and I started highlighting it. Well that wasn’t enough for me plus it took way to long putting the foils in so one day I just decided to paint the bleach straight on my roots.  Now my hair is very coarse and thick so it can handle that extreme way of bleaching, if your hair is similar to mine then it should be fine to do it this way as well.  If you were blessed with finer softer hair then I would work up to this step by weaving in thick pieces of blonde before your bleach all of it, that way you wont completely fry your hair.  I use bleach with 40 volume and after I have touched up all of my roots I let the bleach sit for an additional 40 minutes then I wash it out using Purple shampoo and conditioner.  Then while it is still wet I put in my toner I use a T18 light ash blonde toner, the hair swatch looks dark gray put it clearly does not turn my hair gray so don’t let the hair swatches fool you.  After that I wash it out again using purple shampoo and conditioner. Then, Presto! It’s finished! Easy peasy. Below I have a link that will direct you to my tutorial on Youtube, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions please don’t hesitiate to ask, I’d love to help!



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