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Hello Everyone!!

So much has been going on!! I have been doing a lot of exciting work on my YouTube channel so sorry for the delay in posts.  I am caught up to speed again and will be posting more frequently! I am still looking for a new photographer for my fashion posts so those might be a little sparse until I find a new one that I like.  My other one moved 🙁 So honestly I have depended on selfies! LOL I got quite a few new phone cases that are super cute! I had some questions about them so I thought I would share! I got mine from CASEAPP I got a cute goldish one and then placed a sticky marble case over top of it! I love the outcome!! What do you think?  Something else I love about Caseapp is you can customize your on case.  So if there was a cute family photo you liked, you could upload it to their site and make a case with the photo on it! Super cute right!?! I’ll be filming a new tutorial this week so if you have any requests let me know in the comments.  Just to give you some tutorial ideas, makeup, hair, TAGS, challenges, Q&A.  Let me know and I’ll get started on it!!

Love you heaps!!




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Make your own Emergency Car Care Package with Coca – Cola

“This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #ShareTheLyrics #CollectiveBias”


Hello my loves!!

I don’t know about you guys but Jordan and I have a TON of road trips planned for this Summer.  I feel like with road trips, yummy treats and great music come along with it! I love the new #sharethelyrics campaign that Coca – Cola has going on.  It’s all about every lyric being a reason to share, whether it reminds you of a memory with a friend, or becomes your theme song to celebrate a moment with your family. The lyric themed coke cans really make for a fun way to pass time, especially when you have been on the road all day.  The lyrics from the cans inspire loud duets and a flood of memories.  These Coca – Cola cans are a must on my road trips haha! However, there is an extremely vital step in preparing for road trips.  One that is too often forgotten, at least by me.  That is making sure you are prepared if there ever was an emergency.  Not only should you tune up your car before you head out on your adventure but you should have a backpack filled with supplies that could come in handy if there happens to be a tragedy. Which is why for this blog post I have come to you with a tutorial on how to create your own Car Emergency Care Kit.  It is super easy and very important.  I keep the bag in the back of my car so it is always there when I need it.  You can find these items on line or at any hardware store, it is not very expensive and is totally worth the small investment.  I keep non-perishable items in the bag and cycle through the bag every year to get rid of any expired items.  The Coca – Cola doesn’t last longer than a week though haha wink wink, that emergency item is specifically added for road trip purposes, so it is always being replaced.  Thanks to the 28 pack from Sam’s Club it will last my road trip buddies along time!



If you are interested in creating your own emergency car kit than check out my steps and pics below!


First: A medical kit, there are many dollar stores that carry First Aid items that you can throw in your bag.

Second: Toiletries, I always think worse case scenario, like I am going to be stranded on an island for weeks.  I can’t let my pearly whites go yellow or allow my hair to get split ends haha.  I put some dental care in a baggy and travel size hair/body wash in another baggy. Cause “I’m Cool like dat” name that song… anyone?

Third: Food/water you can buy package sealed water that doesn’t take up a lot of room.  I added packaged water, a purifier and non perishable food items in a baggy. As well as Coca-Cola! Because nobody wants to get “HANGRY!”

Fourth: Light and Heat, I picked up some space blankets, emergency self-light candles, flashlight, body warmer packs, and matches.  For obvious reasons, you never know what kind of emergency you will be in and I always want to be prepared for the worst.

Last: I picked up some small tool kits, literally tools and a sewing kit because a button going “A wall” is just as much of an emergency as anything else!

These are just a few of the important things I felt was necessary to mention, you can of course tailor your kit to your personal needs!


What is your favorite Share a song Coca – Cola can lyric?  Hope you enjoy!


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