Easy Halloween Makeup

Hi Everyone! I thought I would bring you an easy makeup tutorials for Halloween! Costumes can get expensive but if you do the right makeup you don’t even need a costume!! Makeup does all the work for you! I have a some more Halloween looks on my channel and there are more to come so be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!¬†Below are a few products that will help you achieve any look you could think of!! Love you guys!!

XO Jness

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Brow Tinting

Below is my TUTORIAL for all the deets, let me know what you think & Please SUBSCRIBE

Good Morning Everyone!

Tinting your eyebrows is the best way to get full, natural looking brows. The difference tinting your brows makes is amazing! Check the video above for more detail! Sorry my posts have been short lately. I am having crazy painful contractions, no not in labor they are just body prep contractions but I think I am getting close! So anyways posts are going to be a little short but I wanted to make sure to throw something up for you guys! I’ll keep you posted! Loves!!


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