Gray Lace up Dress & pregnancy update

Hello Everyone!

First, I need to say thank you for all the love from my previous post! I use to be able to respond to every comment but now that I have a new job it is so hard to keep up with all of my social media.  I am so sorry, know that I see your comments and love them so much! At this time while I work temporarily I will be responding to my INSTAGRAM and Snapchat (JenessaSheffiel) and get to my blog/YouTube comments when I can find some spare time. Thank you for baring with me during these times, give me 5 more months and I will be back to my super active self that responds to all of my comments on every social platform!

Second, I have a bump update!! Right now I am loving fresh, healthy, raw, foods! Thank the heavens because that is the best thing for baby! I get super sick if I eat fast food or unhealthy items so Jord and I have becoming quite the little chefs in the kitchen to satisfy baby.  It’s been great because it has helped both Jordan and I get into a healthier lifestyle! Baby is the size of an orange this week and I totally know the gender!! EEK!! If you follow me on snapchat than you probably do too! but shhhh I am going to reveal the gender on Instagram in the next week and then do a blog post on our gender reveal party!! My pregnancy has been pretty rough, due to sickness.  The first 3 weeks I cried on the bathroom all most everynight and in the bathroom at work every day haha Those first few weeks were a huge adjustment to me because I was starving all day long but throwing everything up so it was just hard and i’ll I could do is cry! After the first month I figured my body out and was finally able to start enjoying the thought that I actually was pregnant!! I was and am still really sick but my doctor has prescribed me an anti nausea medication that has made the world of difference! I have started drinking a gallon of water everyday too, I use to do this on a regular basis but when I first got pregnant water made me sick… weird I know. But water is seriously magic, it has helped with headaches, body pains and over all just makes me feel fresher. Whether you are pregnant or not I def recommend you up your water in take!  My skin is super itchy and I have stretching pains in my lower abdomen but I guess that is normal because of my tummy growth! I can’t believe I have a little bump haha it makes me so giddy. I can 100% say I love being pregnant, it was confusing/hard those first 3 weeks but know I LOVE IT! If you have any questions let me know! Love you all!


img_9970-2 img_9962-2 img_9994-2 img_0002-2

Look at all those lovely lady lumps! I have never had curves before so I am really excited about my little tummy bump and booty hehe

img_9974-2 img_9979-2 img_9991-2 img_9976-2 img_9977-3 img_9995-2 img_9990-2 img_9985-2

Tunic: Here,  Similar

Pants: Here

Sunglasses: Here

Purse: Here

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Back to School Look Book


Hey guys!

It has been forever I know! I recently started a new job that is SO demanding and I needed to take some time to figure out a routine. So sorry for being MIA I hope to be posting on the regular again! How has everyone been doing!?! I recently filmed my first LookBook I thought it would be fun to throw some outfits together for the new school year.  I had so much fun filming this, although I am totally kicking my self for not investing in a steamer or iron haha oh well!! Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of these look books!! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE I appreciate all your continued support even when I am away figuring out this thing called life ha! Loves!





IMG_0437 img_9272-3


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