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Can you believe it is December first in two hours!? This twenty sixteen year has flown by, which I am totally fine with because the sooner time passes the sooner baby girl will get here and I just cant wait to meet her!! I wanted to do a quick post on this 25 days of service I found on line!! If you don’t know I am LDS and our church has a webpage with all these different inspirational things and this 25 days of service was one of them!

What better way to start off the Christmas season then by doing 25 days of service!? I came across this really inspirational video  (click HERE) if you visit the link HERE it gives you all detail on how you can take part in the 25 days of service with me and anyone else around the world.  There is a calendar you can view HERE Each day the calendar provides an idea on how to show service the way Jesus did.  I think it is such an amazing challenge to really get into the true holiday spirit of Christmas. Showing love and kindness is something I am a huge advocate of, so when I heard word of this service challenge I was all for it!!

Imagine the growth and happiness you will gain from participating in these acts of service not to mention the many lives you could potentially touch.  I hope you join me these next 25 days and #LIGHTtheWORLD cant wait to hear about all your experiences!


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Random acts of Kindness are a blessing for both people


Hello hello!

Todays post is all about Charity!  An attribute I am always working on and trying to perfect.  A while back I started following this girl on Instagram. She has a blog where she bakes a cake and looks for someone in need and gives it to them.  How sweet is that! Well she lives in South Africa and was doing a cake call where anyone could meet up with her with a cake a donate it to a children in need.  I thought what an amazing opportunity to be apart of such a positive movement.  Unfortunately I live in the states, therefore, I wouldn’t make it in time to deliver a cake.  So I decided to bake some cookies and give them to somebody who needed a little pick me up.  I searched all day for somebody who looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders.  I live in the city so I come across a lot of homeless individuals but it wasn’t until I came upon Steven that I knew these cookies were baked for him.  His humble nature and kind eyes really struck me and I wanted to make him smile.  I walked up to him and said “Excuse me, hi” He looked up at me and will a slight surprised laugh said “whoa hello”  I am assuming not to many females approach him to say hello because he was very surprised to see me take a seat next to him to chat for a minute. He graciously accepted the cookies and was extremely appreciative and very polite.  I look for him time and time again to revisit our new friendship that was made in the gutters of Salt Lake City but I’m sad to say I have not had any luck running into him again.  Steven’s kind eyes made such an impact on me, it made me reflect and wonder what people remember about me after meeting me for the first time.  My goal is that people leave my presence feeling happier and motivated to be kinder, not to focus on how shiny or nice my hair is or where I purchased my purse, or how I apply my make up.  Those things are all well and good and they make me happy and they are fun things to be involved in but life is so much more than that.  Those things will fade and they don’t leave an impact on people, my goal is that people leave my presence noticing a kind loving personality that trumps a stylish outfit.  I Love Steven’s sign, such a simple sentence leaves such a strong message! RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS ARE A BLESSING FOR BOTH PEOPLE. It is such a true statement I love the simplicity of it.  I hope this message leaves you with the motivation to leave someone else feeling happier having been in your presence.

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