Anniversary 2014 The Sheffields


November 29th, 2012 was the best day of my life.  I know everyone says that but I guarantee anybody who gets married says that.  This year it is our two year anniversary, it feels like it should be our 10th just because I know him so well and our relationship is off the charts that it doesn’t feel possible for it to only be two years! Anyways enough ooey gooey love talk.  The picture above is the event that inspired me to keep a love journal for our future children and grand children to read how Jordan and I fell in love.  Jordan is a tough mans man if anybody knows him they know he is the strong manley type so not many people see his sweet side, in fact i’m almost positive I am the only person who has actually seen it.  Which I am totally fine with it makes all the more special when he does romantic things for me.  He is my perfect match.  Anyways one day while we were dating he went away on a family trip and when he came back he brought me gifts from the sea, sand seashells, sweet little things like that, well he also wrote me a note and at the bottom of the note it said “message in the bottle”  Jordan had written a love not about our relationship and put it in a bottle then he took me to California to throw it in the ocean with him 🙂 So romantic and I am so obsessed with him.  Jordan has done romantic acts like this from the time we were dating till now and I wanted to create a diary specifically for it.  Below is a little video diary of it, hope you enjoy!

PS. I LOVE YOU BABE! Thanks for giving me reason to keep a record of all our special moments!

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