It’s Time to Trust Yourself Again.

So I had this ahah moment during my yoga practice the other morning and I wanted to share. I’m not one who likes to be negative so I hope this doesn’t come across as complaining. I just want to be authenticate. Due to the career I am in I think it is easy for my life to come across as “picture perfect” and I don’t like that. I am a regular woman with daily struggles and hardships. I have overcome a lot of really hard trials, during those times I was super angry and hateful. Since then, I have changed and decided I want to be happy and loving, I think that is a post all in it’s self. The point is I have been having a hard week and just wanted to share how I have been pushing through. It’s a simple thing but I think often times overlooked.

A lot of things I have been investing a ton of time into have not been manifesting into anything, not only that but like declining sooo fast. It seems that all my hard work is just not good enough and it is causing me to be filled with doubt. I think this is something a lot of people can relate to. Whether it’s work, relationships, being a mom, wife, friend whatever. I think we have all at one time felt this way. Like I said I was in the middle of my Yoga meditation and I just said out loud “Jenessa, I trust you.” It sounds so cheesy and weird but seriously when I said those words this huge burden just felt lifted. I was overcome with hope and confidence in myself. I continued to say, “I know you won’t let me fail, you are a hard worker, persistent and can endure through anything. I trust that you get me through this hardship, make the right decisions and find success. You have done it before and I know you will do it again.”

I don’t think we give ourselves the pep talks we need. I get it, it’s uncomfortable to talk to yourself but sometimes hearing from somebody else doesn’t work. We need to hear it from ourselves in order to believe it. So I challenge you to try it, look in the mirror and tell yourself what you need to hear.

My situation has not changed, I am still not getting the results I have hoped for but my attitude has changed. I am not feeling sorry for myself, I am not complaining to Jordan about it. I am making other plans to fix to it. The best part is, because I have more confidence in myself I am not so consumed with my problems and asking for advice from others. I can actually listen to the struggles other people are going through and try to help them. I felt like I was so distracted by my own struggle that I couldn’t connect with others, I was too self absorbed.

What are some things you do to get out of a funk?


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Road Trip to Bear World in YellowStone

 Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is very casual. Simple Iphone pictures and a journal entry. Do you like these type of posts or do you prefer a more professional approach? Feel free to comment and let me know!!

A little bit ago Jordan and I were driving home from church and I looked over at Jordan and said, “Hey! you don’t have work tomorrow right? Let’s go somewhere!!” He just looked at me, smiled and pulled a U Turn. Haha we weren’t exactly sure where we were going but we just started heading North! I remembered my friend Ashley posting a picture about feeding baby bears in Idaho and Jordan has a cousin that lives up there so we made some phone calls and decided we were going to take little Olivia up to the great outdoors, feed some baby bears and get in some good ol cousin time!

(This is one of my absolute favorite pictures)

I have to mention that we stopped at Burger King during the drive for some quick dinner. We ordered the lucky charms milkshake… HOLY MOLY!! What a surprisingly delicious little treat! I buy sugared cereal and ice cream now just to recreate that type of milkshake haha. Any who, we made it up to Jordan’s cousins house three hours later and just hung out by a fire and had dinner. The next day we borrowed clothes and went on a little hike (more like a walk) to Mesa Falls. It is such an incredible waterfall, it’s sooo beautiful!!!

Olivia slept through the whole thing so we’ll have to bring her back. Mesa Falls is just too incredible to sleep through haha

After we said our goodbyes Jordan, Olivia and I got back on the road to hit up BEAR WORLD on the way home.

You guys this place is so cool!! I want to come back here every year for like a family reunion or something! It has a little amusement park that is free! Yummy foods, the cutest apple orchards to have picnics in, a park to drive through to see all the wild bears and my favorite; bear cub feeding. You literally get to go in and feed all the little bears, they are so stinking cute!

The drive through park with wild bears was so INCREDIBLE!!! We watched a giant grizzly bear take a bath and play in the water it was so fun to see him thrashing is head about the water. We probably saw 20 giant bears literally within a foot or two of our car, it was insane!! The funniest part was this giant black bear was taking a nap in the middle of the paved road so we had to stop otherwise we would run right over him. So the ranger had to come and scoot him over with a stick, he wouldn’t move haha so the ranger told us to slowly drive and nudge him with our car!!! We were so hesitant, but the bear finally just flopped over to his other side haha he didn’t even wake up. We laughed so hard!

There is also a petting zoo, which was a lot of fun!! It was probably Jordan’s highlight of the entire trip, for some reason he was super stoked to touch this giant hog! LOL don’t ask.


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