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Good Morning!

It is Friday, wahoo!!! Today I am bringing you the very requested Half up braid tutorial that I wore on my INSTAGRAM. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I love Friday’s because it is date night! During the week Jordan and I are both sooo busy! So it’s nice when the weekend comes around because we just “soak up each others awesomeness” Name that movie!! We are huge ramen people so for dinner we are going to hit up JINYA and then for dessert we are going to GOODLY COOKIES. I am obsessed with these cookies, I crave them on the daily!! But I only allow myself to have them on Friday’s. They are so HUGE, thick, gooey, moist, yummy little suckers! My favorites are chocolate chip and the peanut butter. You can totally order these cookies online and they will drop them off at your house! SOOO bad right? They are open late too, so when you are craving a midnight cookie, you can call them and they will bring it to your doorstep! I am getting giddy just thinking about it! For dinner I think I am going to get the spicy chicken ramen and I always get the pork buns and spicy shrimp appetizers. Oooo I am so excited for this meal. I love how it is 7:00 am and I already have my date night dinner picked out haha. I am a huge foodie!! What are you guys up to this weekend??

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Easy Hair Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am bringing you another video from my YouTube Channel. A Hair Tutorial! It’s super easy and adds a little something something extra! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I’d love to have you apart of the family. Let me know in the comments if you have any video requests. On a side note, I want to start weening Olivia off of the breast but not give her a bottle. I feel like, whats the point of weening her off of my breast just to ween her off of a bottle a couple months later. So I want to go straight to sippy cup. Any suggestions on what sippy cups are good? I am still going to give her breast milk in the sippy. She is just getting so curious and playful that it is hard for her to sit and nurse through all her feedings. I feel like she is ready for the next thing. Any suggestions would be SUPER helpful. Thank you!!


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