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Good Morning Everyone!

Something new! I changed my hair!! I am finally back to platinum. If you followed me from the very beginning then you know I started my blog with this color hair. My first tutorial was actually how to DIY bleach your own hair LOL watch it HERE it’s pretty funny to see how far I have come. I cringe looking back at old tutorials but I don’t feel like I can take them down because they are part of my journey ya know!? Anyways, then I dyed my hair black and ever since have slowly been trying to get back to platinum blonde in a healthy way AND HERE WE ARE!! Yay!!

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|Shop the Clickable images below|

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    1. Thanks Vanessa!! Hope all is well with the pregnancy!! I can’t believe we will both be in labor soon!! Its just around the corner so exciting!!

    1. Thank you love!! I am happy to hear you liked the video. I totally agree, we need to hear more about the quality makeup products at drug stores!! xoxo

  1. Loved your hair! Yes, keep the videos on, because it’s part of your journey, of course! Loved the lipstick with the deep peach color and your eye shadow on the video is amazing – and the lashes too! You really really look always gorgeous! Wishing you a lovely day!

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