Life Update

Hey guys!!

As you are well aware I have been MIA so I filmed a video kind of explaining whats been going on to catch you all up to speed, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! Thank you for your patience with me Love you all!!


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  1. So good that you feel passionate about your life now and congratulations for that, for having persevered and reaching your goals! You look amazing, loved the hair! I am sorry for the miscarriages, yes, losing anyone is bad, and a baby is someone. I am glad that you are pregnant now, and it’s a girl! I like Janelle, as a name, with J, or Jennifer – but I am sure you have thought of that already. Very glad as well, that your numbers are the same as before M.I.A. and that you will go in some days to Europe, so many amazing places! If you can, also visit Utrecht (20 min from Amsterdam) and Brug and Gent in Belgium. I hope you have an amazing time there and waiting for the new post! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Congratulations, once again, beautiful! I’m truly happy for you and the hubby and can’t wait to see parts of your journey you share with us once baby girl is born, I know she will be one gorgeous little girl like her mama! I hope you’re feeling great and may the rest of your pregnancy be a smooth ride!



Happy to hear from you!