Back to School Look Book


Hey guys!

It has been forever I know! I recently started a new job that is SO demanding and I needed to take some time to figure out a routine. So sorry for being MIA I hope to be posting on the regular again! How has everyone been doing!?! I recently filmed my first LookBook I thought it would be fun to throw some outfits together for the new school year.  I had so much fun filming this, although I am totally kicking my self for not investing in a steamer or iron haha oh well!! Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of these look books!! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE I appreciate all your continued support even when I am away figuring out this thing called life ha! Loves!





IMG_0437 img_9272-3


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  1. Yes, I noticed you were MIA, so welcome back! I also had to figure out a routine, that’s one of the topics of my post today (part 1 🙂 I prefer non-creasing clothes, but when it’s not possible, a steam iron is really great! I liked the striped dress with the plaid shirt and the white jeans! You look very beautiful, as always!

    1. Oh I can’t wait to check out your post!! It’s always helpful to hear how others manage their time! Thanks for your sweet comment! xo

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