Soft cut crease ombre eye look

Hello my loves!!

Today I have another makeup tutorial! This has been my favorite makeup, it just gives it to me in all the right ways. Its so dramatic yet subtle and classy. ย I love it!! Let me know what you think! I am almost at 300 subscribers! Thank you so much for all your support I appreciate it so much I truly love doing this. ย If you aren’t already and like my tutorials please SUBSCRIBE I’d love to hit 300. Thanks so much I hope you all had a lovely weekend and mothers day!!


IMG_6841IMG_6891 (2)IMG_6916IMG_6845 (2)IMG_6885 (2)IMG_6925 (2)

Loving Suede dresses right now!!

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, Jness! You made me laugh about your spray tan, “homeboy went Picasso on me!” Haha…too funny! The look is so pretty and really makes your eyes POP! I’m also swooning over that dress, so cute! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



    1. Thanks Jalisa! haha boys will boys so crazy, glad you got a good laugh out of it too LOL Thanks for following along babe!

  2. I always love your makeup, this ombre look is so classy! I think you are really a makeup artist, and if you are not, you should be!

Happy to hear from you!