Leather Leggings Tweed Jacket

H45A0417IMG_6443H45A0431IMG_6421IMG_6420H45A0426Tweed Jacket, another one I am loving||Leather Leggings, also love||Boots||


How was everybody’s Thanksgiving?? I had a great time catching up with family over a delicious dinner. Β We played a family football game the morning of and oh my goodness it was so much fun!!! Jordan, myself and his lil sis were on a team and we totally won!!! Jordan came up with play that caused us to score our final winning touchdown! It was a blast, I may or may not have caught on film during a Vlog I was making for you guys. So keep your eyes out for that on my YouTube Channel! Anyways, I grubbed SO hard putting on anything other than stretchy pants is just out of the question! I love the leather leggings in these photos because believe it or not they are so comfy!!! Yet they are still very sassy and can easily be dressed up for a night out. Β There is nothing I love more than comfy looks that make you look bomb!!! Below are a few more styles that I am loving!!! Cant wait to hear all about your Thanksgiving day!! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! LOVES!!!


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