Halloween Skull Makeup tutorial


Hey Guys!

So if you dont know by now I am obsessed with HALLOWEEN! I love it, this month is every makeup artists dream.  It is a month where I can get super creative with makeup. I have a blast! If you havent heard already through my Instagram  I have started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL Which I am super excited about. I have done a few tutorials already but have just recently started doing Halloween tutorials! So I hope you enjoy the classic skull makeup tutorial. I had to start off with a spooky one because I am a creep and love to be scared LOL If you have any requests please comment below! I would love to help you come up with the perfect makeup look for this years Halloween! Enjoy! All products you will need to achieve this look will be posted below!


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  1. Wow, you are mega talented, this makeup looks so amazing! It is impressive and perfect for Halloween! It’s so detailed, amazing, really! I hope you have a very nice Halloween!

  2. This is so impressive! I got really inspired by this tutorial, I’m probably gonna create some kind of a Halloween too. Unfortunately in Hungary Halloween is not such a big thing, people don’t really care 🙁 But anyway, I can still do something fun 🙂 You’re amazing!
    Have a great week!

    xo, Esther


    1. Thank you Esther! I hope you try it! if you do tag me on insta @jenessa4 using #jenessasheffieldmakeup I like to feature people who try out my looks! I am happy to hear you are making Halloween happen over in Hungary!

    1. haha oh my you are too funny! thank you, i was so nervous doing it because I didnt think I had the most steady hand! but you will be surprised to see what you can do by just going for it! You should def try it out! xo

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