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 Hey Guys! As you know I am loving these long Maxi dresses that are light weight. They are the perfect transition for fall.  Above I have linked some of my favorites! I am excited for Fall and Winter, my hair needs a break from all the sunshine/salt water and chlorine! Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons to get your hair health back and rejuvenated!  The activities we participate in are less damaging to our hair compared to Summer activities.  Some of my favorite products I use to strengthen my hair are from My Monat   Jordan and I have both been using products from here and are loving them!! His favorite is the rejuvenique oil intensive.  It helps with hair thinning so my hubby loves it! My favorite is the Restore leave-in conditioner, this really helps with frizz and gives a nice soft glossy finish.  I love this line because it is an exclusive  naturally based anti-aging hair care line that makes your hair longer and stronger!  I am a sucker for natural products, I always see the best results when I stick to natural products.  Some other items I am loving from this line are the Revitalize shampoo & conditioner .  Jordan is currently using the men’s treatment and I am using the Volume tame treatment .  I am loving the results and cannot wait till the end of my treatment to see how luscious and long my hair looks! Be sure to stop by My Monat and get some products to rejuvenate your hair! Thanks for stopping by XO JNESS

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  1. I am not very good in treating my hair alone… very seldom I find a shampoo that I say “wow, that is effective!” But I am glad to get to know new products! I loved your dress and the hat! This dress is really fabulous, I would like to wear such a style! I think you really look stunning, so amazing pictures!

    1. Thank you Denise! I think you would be surprised to find that there are so many great products on this line! xo

  2. I love the hat and the maxi dress, the combination looks really beautiful!
    Really nice pics. Have an amazing day xx

  3. I love this outfit!! And you are beautiful too!!
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