Men’s wear the feminine way

Hey guys!

Today’s post is dedicated to those days when you look into your over flowing closet and cannot find anything to wear, trust me it happens to all of us.  Don’t get discouraged use this opportunity to get creative! Try stumbling into your husband’s or brother’s closet and see what it may have to offer… you will be shocked at all of your great finds! My rule of thumb when wearing men’s wear is to pair with something slimming and feminine.  This way you still look put together and avoid that homeless look.  For example, I took my husband’s over-sized flannel and tied it together with some slimming leggings to accentuate my cures, I put a tight feminine sweater over the flannel, and then finished it off with some wedged boots! Super cute, super, comfy and the inspiration came from the last place I would ever think to look as a fashionista… a men’s closet! So take a ride on the wild side next time you’re at all the mall, wander over to the men’s section and see what wardrobe statements you can find! I am excited to see what you come up with, let me know what men’s sections you have found that are most beneficial.  XOXO






SWEATER: Banana Republic

FLANNEL: Husband’s closet 🙂



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