Rad Swim Suit


Swimsuit || Lipstick || Blush || Eyeshadow || Foundation || Contour pallet ||

I cant believe Summer is coming to an end!!

It feels like life has just been flying by lately! The only time I went to the pool this Summer was for photo shoots haha I never even soaked up some “real” rays.  The only rays I got this Summer were from the flash on the camera LOL Life has been busy, which I love but I need to work on enjoying the moment more, instead of always trying to plan for the next great thing!  Jumping to a different topic, I have this love hate relationship with eyelash extensions because the last time I got them they totally ruined my eyelashes. I decided to try them again because I have heard nothing but good things about Sarah Burton’s work.  She is super professional and my eyelashes look so natural and full.  She made me addicted to eyelash extensions LOL If you are in Utah you should check her out!! Eyelash extensions make life so much more easy!! I have had a lot of comments on my make up so I thought I would make a video of my beauty favorites, check out the video below! If there is anything else you would like me to address on youtube let me know I would be happy to make a video! P.S. meet my cute friend Mallory!


Photos: LC Photography



Shirt || Shorts, pants cut into shorts || Flannel || Purse, also love || Rings || Bracelets || Lipstick || Necklace || Shoes ||

I love dressing up but sometimes I feel so chill that I cant bring myself to dress to the nines, ya know? It just wouldnt go well with my character that day. Do you guys ever have that feeling?  Something I do to make sure my chill day outfits still look chic are to over accessorize with minimal looking jewelry, keeping it simple yet over stacked.  I pair the look with a super fancy purse and some very girly flats. However, there are those times where I just straight up go out in yoga pants/sweatpants.  My guilty pleasure is probably going to the movie theater with a huge tub of popcorn, extra butter… obviously! and watch the movie all snuggled up in sweatpants, I am that annoying person that puts their feet on the chair in front of me or lay all over the person I go to the movie with LOL I cant help it I’m  a snuggler! Luckily Jord doesnt mind if I lay all over him, at least that is what he says… sweet guy! That is what we did over the weekend, date night in our sweat pants, I make him wear sweat pants too so we can look ridiculous together! haha