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Good Morning everyone!!!
I am so happy it is Friday!!! Can you believe swimsuit season is already upon us!? There is still so much snow outside! I feel like because Utah has such long Winter’s that I totally get left behind when it comes to trendy swimwear. LOL This year I made it a point to get ahead of the game and stock up on this seasons swimwear.  I actually got this cute SWIMSUIT from Target!  I also bought THIS ONE I love one pieces, especially the over top super fashionable ones.  Ill post a few more favorite one pieces below!

You guys if you follow me on snapchat ( JENESSASHEFFIEL )  Then you will know how incredibly cold it was during this shoot! It was the coldest day of the week and it had just snowed so hard the night before LOL I was dying so we included a fur coat to keep me warm in between shots.  This alley is usually empty, that is why I chose it because I didnt want to parade around the city half naked so I tucked myself away in a corner… or so I thought!  There was a huge construction meeting in the building next to this wall and hundreds of people were out and about.  There was a group of tourists taking pictures of me it was so embarrassing LOL  Me and my photographer Meg Ricks had quite the laugh shout out to her for braiding my hair! Any who, I thought I would give you guys a head start on trending swimsuits, below are a few different price points enjoy! (if you dont see the arrow on the right side of each carousal below, just click the right side of the box and more swimwear will rotate! xo)


UNDER $50 

UNDER $100

UNDER $150


Younique palette

IMG_2620IMG_2673IMG_2669IMG_2653IMG_2628IMG_2656IMG_2627Lipstick|| Eyeshadow palette|| Top, also love|| Brushes|| Highlight||

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your week so far! Today’s post is going to be a makeup review on a new eye shadow palette that I have been constantly wearing lately.  As you guys know I am a big fan of the Younique products, they are such a high quality company and their products have natural ingredients which I really like.  Because your skin absorbs all the products you put on your face, so if you are applying makeup that has chemicals in it, then your skin will absorb it and you will break out and just look like a hot mess.  So if you have sensitive skin or just like healthy face products then you should check out this makeup line.  They have everything from makeup to skin care.  This week they just came out with some new kudos so be sure to check those out!  Younique is most known for their 3d fiber mascara, which is crazy insane, but today I want to talk about my favorites.  I don’t personally work for Younique but I have talked with people who do, if I wasn’t blogging I would definitely join the Younique team and sell these products.  They a have so many benefits, and so many wonderful women are apart of this company, its the perfect at home job and great opportunity to start your own business.

I have recently started using eye creams to prevent wrinkles and haven’t really notice a difference and felt like they were a waste of money.  However, I started using Younique’s Eye Serum and no joke you guys my eyes are brighter, that sounds weird but I can see a difference with this product.  I didnt realize the nutrients I was missing out on until I started using this product.  If you have more mature skin, you should check out the uplift eye serum. It helps moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. I am really loving it right now!

The Moodstruck addiction palette #2 is so yummy, it is cool toned which I really like because cooler tones compliment every eye shade, especially blue eyes.  The product itself is so velvety! I was surprised how pigmented they were, most natural based eyeshadows take a little time to work with.  However, these colors apply really smooth and most importantly they blend beautifully! To achieve this look I used “cocky” and “honorable” in the crease of my eye and then used “peppy” on my eyelid and to smoke out my lower lash line.  This is my go to smokey eye, it always looks flawless and really makes my eyes pop!

If you guys have any additional questions about these products or want my opinion on any other product let me know, I have tried most of them.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great day!