Luxury Scent Box

Hey Guys!

It has been a minute! Most of you know I had my baby girl!! Yay!! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you have seen what a cutie she is! I will be doing some posts on her shortly and give you all the details!! I am still editing some footage and pictures so to hold you over I thought I would show you a new subscription box that I tried. It is called Luxury Scent Box I love it so much! You get new bottles of perfume sent to you monthly for $15. With my discount code JENESSA I can get you $5 off your first month! I go into more detail about the subscription service in the video below. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I will hurry up with the footage on baby stuff so you can all see it soon! Thanks for your patience loves!!


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Brow Tinting

Below is my TUTORIAL for all the deets, let me know what you think & Please SUBSCRIBE

Good Morning Everyone!

Tinting your eyebrows is the best way to get full, natural looking brows. The difference tinting your brows makes is amazing! Check the video above for more detail! Sorry my posts have been short lately. I am having crazy painful contractions, no not in labor they are just body prep contractions but I think I am getting close! So anyways posts are going to be a little short but I wanted to make sure to throw something up for you guys! I’ll keep you posted! Loves!!


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