2nd option for Thanksgiving Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial


Hey guys!!

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving tomorrow!!? Where has the time gone!?! Today’s post is dedicated to the Thanksgiving holiday! I personally always Like to glam up for every occasion.  With Thanksgiving being such a family/chill event I dont like to have my makeup too over the top.  That is just a personal preference. I do how ever still want to get festive with my eyes so I came up with this look! I posted this picture on Instagram and it got so many likes and comments that I figured I would do the tutorial for you guys! So I hope you enjoy it! As always thank you so much for stopping by and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Thanks


Leather skirt white blouse

IMG_8825-2IMG_8809IMG_8777IMG_8707IMG_8764IMG_8768IMG_8694IMG_8701IMG_8713-2Skirt, also love || Blouse, similar | Boots , really want|| Necklace, similar|| Glasses || Lipstick ||Purse||

Happy Monday everyone!!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was the best as you know we saw the new Hunger Games…. OMG it was SOOO good! That is all I will say, I dont want to be a spoiler alert! LOL hate those. I am so excited for this week! I have an event every single day!!  I love the holidays for that reason, there is always something going on, which makes the work week more enjoyable! This weekend is also Jordan and mine’s anniversary!!! We will be celebrating 3 years!! I am so excited!! It is strange to think that it is only 3 years! I feel like I know him so well that we should be celebrating our 10th anniversary… yet at the same time things are still so new and it is so surreal that I am married to the man of my dreams that I cant believe its already been 3 years haha I guess that is why they say love is confusing LOL I will give you all the details on our special weekend on Monday.  Till then I hope you enjoy your holiday week! Talk soon!  Loves and thanks for stopping by, you guys make my day! PS. below are some options of my favorite trend… leather skirts!