Urban Decay MoonDust eyeshadow Palette

August 21, 2016


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Hello Everyone!!

I asked you guys on SNAPCHAT which eyeshadow palette you would like a review on and the Urbandecay MoonDust eyeshadow won!! Which I was hoping for because I was curious to check these babies out!! It is such a unique palette, everyone needs it!! Also, I have a huge snapchat GIVEAWAY going on this week, it ends Friday. So be sure to give me a follow if you want to participate!! Snapchat: JenessaSheffiel  & if you would like, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!!   Hope you all have a great week! Sending lots of love your way!


Healthy eyelashes

August 15, 2016

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Good Morning everyone!!

Thanks for all the love on my most recent YouTube Tutorial. I seriously love doing them they are SO FUN!! I have been using a new mascara from Bellimisa it’s really great because it benefits your lashes.  Not only does it  make your lashes longer, thicker and more glamours but their mission statement is to educate women on the importance of makeup care. They designed the company with a mascara subscription so you know when it is time to change out your mascara. They deliver on a regular schedule that considers what is happening to the mascara chemically after it has been opened. I thought this was a fantastic model to create because it will help our skin as we age, especially around our eyes!  Check them out and let me know what you think!!